Τraditionella hotell i gamla herremanshus

Ett traditionellt herremanshusbyggt före 1800-talet i Zagora har tre våningar och är nästan som ett litet slott.
Den första och andra våningen har mycket små fönstergluggar medan den tredje våningen som användes till sommarvistelse, är en lättare konstruktion med stora fönster och balkonger och stora träbjälkar som stödjer taket. Fönster med blyinfattade glasmålningar ger ett karaktäristiskt utseende i dessa hus.

Se Villa Gayannis´ interiör

Gayiannis Mansion Photo

A typical Pelion house is a fortress-like three-story building. The first and second floors have very few small openings, while the third floor, which is the summer quarters, is a light construction with large windows, enclosed balconies and wooden beams that support the roof. The stained-glass and painted windows alongside the transparent ones give an unusual look to the overall building. Around the middle of the 19th century, neo-classical features began to be added.

Villa Gayannis Regionen Fotos

In the northern parts of Pelion there are very few places you cannot see or hear mountain streams rushing down to the sea.
There is an abundance of water, which accounts for the lush vegetation of this region. Beech oak and plane trees spread over the mountain with ancient chestnuts stretching their limbs to the sky.
Horefto is very green. North and south of the main Horefto beach there are little sand and pebble beaches, each with shady trees right down to the shoreline. You will enjoy wonderful safe bathing here. The water is crystal clear and there are seldom big waves here.