Pelion, the favorite place of the Greeks.

Who does not dream of going on their honeymoon trip to Pelion… .. Pelion, a place that every Greek wants to visit at least once in his life. Many people dream of making their honeymoon in Pelion. And I give them absolutely right. Fifteen years on this mountain have given me the best years of my life and my best friends. The peninsula next to Volos between Thessaloniki and Athens, the shield of Thessaly from the Aegean has a life of its own. If we are kind to him, he will give us his beauty. So I take you with me to Zagora on the northeast side.
There are not many places on this side of Pelion that you do not hear water running in streams and streams, waterfalls and ponds. The forests are full of chestnut and beech trees and huge old plane trees. The well-known Zagorian Apples come from here and the Agricultural Cooperative of Zagora is one of the largest cooperatives in Europe.
The slope around the village reminds of a snowy landscape every spring when the apple trees are in bloom. Here in Pelion you will understand the difference in climate with other parts of Greece. We have four seasons of the year, winter with a lot of snow, spring with explosive flowering and vegetation, summer with coolness in Zagora and the warmth of the islands in Horefto and autumn with all the colors of the fire on the leaves of the trees, yellow, orange, red…